Wednesday, October 28, 2009

if grace is an ocean we're all sinking

Ok, a message to the few year twelves who read this, or give a damn.
stay away from me, ok?
just for a bit...

I'm having one of those days/clumps of a few days.

Just to give you the idea...
have you ever seen the show scorpion island?
its like survivor for kids, but no-one gets voted out, they just have to win 'island torches' to give them advantage in the final challenge that decides who wins, with me?
well 'the island' took one of the core members of one of the teams as a prize for one of the challenges. and they were, understandably, devastated. and crying.

and for some dumbass reason, I nearly joined them
quite literally, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

so, stay away for a bit, or face the wrath of my blubbering mess.
particularly you jelly, since ill start you and then you'll make me worse and on and on we go until we drown. wonderland style.

ill let you know when I'm less of an emotional hazard.



  1. i may not be a year twelve but im staying away from you anyway. until xs that is anyway.

  2. wow......a bit emotional there louise, didn't you cry in silversun? although i almost cried today too, but no one's sposed to know that....