Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've had the same jeans on for four days now

" Somehow waking up is more painful than the nightmares. They were beautiful really.

A glittering dream scape of fantasy, tinged with the now black reality of fact...

The fact that I cannot stay in this place.

Alice and the white rabbit get married, the Cheshire cat officiates and the mad hatter is her maid of honor, the march hare the best man and the door mouse the flower girl.

It is a lovely ceremony, until it comes to the part with the objecting.
Apparently objections are compulsory here, everyone must have at least one and each must be sorted through and proven wrong before the wedding can proceed, like a trial, but more trying.

The Queen of Hearts shrieks 'OFF WITH HER HEAD' and nearly gets the motion passed, but she refuses to justify her statement, crying ' All ways here are MY ways!' until the Red and White Queen carry her away.

The Red King's snoring is almost considered as an objection, but Humpty Dumpty proclaims it to be praise.

The most disturbing objection of all is by far the catepillar. Blowing his entrancing smoke rings, he insists Alice provides an answer to his highly impertinent question.

'WHO! ARE! YOU?!'.

But the white rabbit simply replies with 'My late wife' and pulls out a cannon to cease all objections to Alice forever.


Whispers the gnat in my ear, the bread-and-butter-flies die for lack of tea with cream in it, the snap-dragon-flys flee to their christmas boxes and I...

I cannot stay here.



  1. Deary me your story is making less and less sense. Throwing in a dream of alice and wonderland in the middle of what I presume is a school shooting? Does that have anything to do with the story? lol. I mean I love this bit but fuck me I am confused. :P Keep writing though, I want to hear more.

  2. lol,nonsensicality was sort of the aim. i dont want it to be cliche, so i figured id go for a different angle, so at the moment my characters dont even have names.