Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't make me close one more door

Retreat was mad.
Totally mad.
And I feel fantastic.

But,I have this nagging question in my head that I cant shake.

What if God asks me to be a spinster?


  1. Oh gosh yes, how many times have I worried over that? I remember crying myself to sleep and mentally screaming at God because I was so convinced he was going to ask that of me. :S The future is so uncertain and scary, even if I put it all in God's hands, I'll still be scared - what if I can't live with what he's asking of me? What if it goes against everything I've ever dreamed for?

  2. pretty much. i have the same fears constantly. i mean, sure both lauren and i currently have reason to believe that wont happen... but the future isnt always as certain as we might hope for it to be.

    i have cried myself to sleep or spent countless nights lying away worrying about that possibility...

    even having those doubts freaks me out.

    spend the rest of my life alone? no thanks.

    hey, if that happens to all three of us, we'll just live together lol.