Monday, August 10, 2009

Beneath the neon lights we'll go wandering

"But we lucky few, we are permitted to pass go and collect our $200 of vouchers for slurpee heaven, where they sell only head-spin seasoned with MSG, heart-break sprinkled with six year old icing sugar and nightmares on a bed of toe jam, marinated in repression and denial, every night for the rest of our lives; like sand through the hourglass.

Permitted, by an unlikely Hollywood villain/victim to struggle on in our little trio, helping each other keep from throwing up the past.

Or so we thought.

One for all and (f)all to the floor.

I felt a funny pain in my knee as I fell, a twinging symptom of years of netball and falling down the stairs.

And a decidedly unfunny pain in my stomach and my head, as the fuzz of impact begins to engulf me.

Just before I let it, I realise three things.
One/Yi/Uno/Eins: I am on the floor, but twisted all funny, very unlike a bobcat pretzel.

Two/Ar/Dos/Zwei: I am one of many

Three/San/Tres/Drei: You are the most twisted, your beautiful face not sitting quite right. Turned toward me, it seems wrong, unsupported, with nothing behind it.

All in the same instant I wordlessly pray I am wrong and know that I am not, as I slip into God only knows where.

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