Saturday, February 21, 2009

you had a nose job?

Hehe, I love suddenly 30. Fantastic movie.
Hi all!
It is I (funnily enough) and I'm back on the blogosphere again, hoping to do a lot more writing and a lot less whinging lol.

So, I don't actually have any ideas to write about, so I have a teensy favour to ask you lovely people. Comment me with a random object, or a random something. Hopefully, something in my head will go 'hmmm' and off I go :)

So yeah, I'm back, feeling much better and like I actually fit inside my own skin. I'm having a much better time being around myself, so hopefully you guys can too.
Thanks for not totally disowning me while I was being...fake.

I love you guys, even those ones I was really angry with for a little bit.
Your totally forgiven, all of you.

'Cos honestly, looking back on it, I really needed a slap in the face.
Sure, some of you did more slapping than was needed, but maybe it was needed.
It probably was, I have a pretty thick skull sometimes :P

Anyway, I love you all, and thanks for getting me back to a place where I can actually laugh properly and be happy to live my own life in my own skin.

I owe you one :)


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