Monday, February 2, 2009

im growing old, ive been told that it wont last

how did I forget how much I miss you?

Oh gosh....

I was almost considering not having a birthday party, but i need a good solid excuse to have all my favourite people all together again...

You are my little sunshine of randomness, I could never find anyone like you in the world. Totally and utterly one of a kind.

I mean, everybody is. Which sounds really 'everyones special which means no-one is' but there is just something so obviously deliciously odd about you.

My little bblemu...they better look after you over at bitchschool (ive named it that because its all girls and all girls are bitchy sometimes lol) or I will have to uh...

Be very sad?

I dunno, but I can't wait to see you, it better happen soon.

Oh and be warned, im gonna hug you so hard your lungs puncture :D


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