Saturday, March 6, 2010

if I could leave this goldfish sea...

This is for you.
Not in a broad, second-person-to-direct-it-at-the-reader-bullshit way.
In a -if-I-was-an-auctioneer-I'd-call-you-'in the back row with the cool hair and cool shoes, with the waistcoat. No not you David Tennant, the short one. No, not you Paul McDermott, the other short one. With the glasses and the cap and the talent, yeah you there' kind of way.

You are the one I will call when I have decided to give into the urges and drive on the wrong side of the road for a while, when I'm about to give up and call my boss a law- breaking heartless idiotic douchebag of a wog.
You are the one I'll call at three in the morning when I've just got to drive a very, very, very long way away down long dark winding highways.
You are the one I will call when I have lost it and don't want to find it for a while.

You are the one I will call when I just can't be normal anymore, when I can't spend my weekends sitting in front of the TV and doing homework, or not doing homework as is more often true.
Not because I think you're crazy, but because you're a rebel at heart, you're like my mentor for rebellious scandalosity. And yes, I just made up a word. (Are you proud flattered weirded out yet?)
I'll call you because you won't try to stop me, but you will take lots of hilarious pictures, and write on things with sharpie with me, and you'll have my back.

I will never forget when you shot down that flamer for me. It was amazing, and it was then that I knew you cared about me, in whatever weird way suits you.

So, I thought I'd let you know that these temptations are building up heavy right now, I nearly drove the whole way home last night on the right (e.g. wrong) side of the road, like, very very close to actually doing it...

am I going nuts?


  1. this is what i am thinking:

    ? ! : ]

    i'd ask who this is about but i think that'd ruin its beauty

  2. Louise, i've got no clue what you're on about, but i'd just like to say that you're not going nuts, you already ARE nuts. :D

  3. naww shadi, you think its beautiful? Thanks gorgeous :) It means a lot to me.

    Rabbit: I do realise that lol. Don't you ever get the urge to do what you aren't meant to just because you aren't meant to? Because you are sick of the world?
    I dunno, its like the urge to walk/run/dance up/down the down/up escalator.

  4. Bubbles! You met my English teacher! She said you were a very nice girl.

  5. I always have those random urges m'dear :D
    I think I like going against the flow. So I go and jump around and do random stuff. Normally makes me feel somewhat better.

  6. Shadi, indeed I did, and the play was amazing. Us public schoolers felt very underdressed and rather judged by all the private schoolers we were surrounded by. I was in my beautiful stabberfoyle hoodie and baggie trackies with like a ton of eyeliner and mascara, we thought it was kinda funny, kinda rude that they gave us funny looks, but we gave them right on back :)

  7. Private schoolers don't even bother themselves with public schoolers. They've got too many "more important" problems about stupid things like boyfriends, clubbing, drinking, and the occasional use of drugs. They were probably just staring at you because they had no where else to stare.

    I'm glad you had fun! Yeah, Ms Egan said you were really nice and Bubbly (haha fancy that) and that you said that you missed me heaps and then she said that Wildy had me now. lol.

    And a moose.