Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the food that im eating is suddenly tasteless

A borrowed/stolen idea.

Just for once...

I wish that I could shut my mouth before I'm asked
I wish that I could finish something before its due
I wish that I knew what to say in defense of myself against myself
I wish I would not let myself relive my mistakes
I wish I was nice to be around
I wish I was a builder uper not a tearer downererer.
I wish I wouldn't take out my frustrations on my sister.
I wish the paranoia was 100% gone
I wish I hadn't dated him
I wish people would forget that I did
I wish I could forget that I did
I wish I could sleep for a few weeks with no consequences
I wish I hadn't been forced to quit my job
I wish I didn't have to miss you
I wish I wasn't so irritable
I wish I could think of my own blog ideas...

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