Thursday, July 30, 2009

light bulbs wash up all along the beach

Netball is an interesting sport.
Fiona O'Laughlin says netball is not a real sport, that its for sissys.
She has obviously never seen it played, because then she would know that its a very angry sport lol.
Like last night for example. I was playing in WD and the WA, oh my goodness.
I love an agressive player, but I like it better when they are the one that get mad and get distracted and called for contact, not me.
I was like 'DIE BITCH' and got a little bit swallowed up in my competitiveness.
I didn't actually yell, but I pushed her back.
And got called for it.
I was like ' T_T! I had my elbow in her back just before and you didn't notice then!'
Basically, I was fuming and I didn't play all that good in that quarter.
And then I had a different player in fourth, so I chilled out a bit and played better.

Then, after the game, she and a few of the others gave really decent handshakes.
Might not sound like a big deal, but it is to me. Most people just kind of tap your hand and mutter, they dont even look at you.
Three of the girls gave a solid handshake, looked me in the eye and said 'Good game' or 'Well done' or 'thanks' and I was like, 'yay!'

I like the girl much better now.
She plays hard and agressive and she gives a good decent handshake.



  1. I was once on some dumbass player who grabbed the ball and through it behind her without looking who was there. Needless to say, I caught it. She was all like, grah. And I lolled. I've probably told you this before. lol

  2. ive had that happen before! It was when i was eight and i still remember it vividly, cos i was so excessively proud of myself.
    those were the days lol