Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm not calming down, another mothers child laid in the ground

they're fun.
i always fall for the cynics, but i guess ive already un-fallen for this one and if I hadn't already, I would have just then...
I mean, it's one thing to not share somebody's passion, but to be so anti-effort, so anti-action.
I just don't get it, I simply don't understand.

'i find this interesting right, at an assembly the poverty guy talked about how only 3% of the world had internet and we are extremely rich. But i went away and the statistics are more like 60% not including internet cafes and africa as a whole isnt in poverty. sure u have problem countries like i dont knowwww sierra leone? but thats caused by war and governments ******* up. so we as individuals cant do anything apart from give money, which we have no idea where it goes and probably fuels war anyway, cause when u think about it, when u give a poor man a few bucks, u know hes gonna spend it on alcohol'

Ok, so let me get this straight, just because its not the entire of africa (or the world for that matter) thats in poverty, that makes it ok?
Just because issues in Sierra Leone are caused by war (which is dumbing it down to say the least) that makes it alright for those people to be living in fear and hunger??
Just because those issues are 'governments stuffing up' (to phrase it nicely) means we should sit back and do nothing???
'So we as individuals can't do anything', you're saying one person can't make a change. Well it's not just one person, it's lots, and thats the point.
And one person certainly isn't going to make an impact if they choose not to.

And way to stereotype the poor, just by the way.
You don't know the individual, you don't know the situation, so don't pass judgement, k?
I don't know about it either, but I know it's not right for the world to be this way, and I know I'm going to do my best to change it, even if my impact is so miniscule that the world won't notice if I become suddenly unemployed and unable to pay my monthly sponsorship stuff.
But sharon would notice.


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