Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unending love, amazing grace

If God wasn't the creator of the universe and everything, all-knowing and whatnot, I am certain I would confuse him very much.

Because although he has taken the punishment for every single wrong thing I have ever done, am doing and ever will do, I insist on feeling guilty and punishing myself anyway.

He has set me free, removed my chains.

And I insist upon putting them back on again. Wearing my mistakes like some sort of sick masochistic jewelry.

If God wasn't so smart, I'm sure he'd be confused.

I mean, my troubles aren't even pretty!
They aren't even sparkly or beautiful in that Romeo-and-Juliet way that sometimes happens.
I procrastinate, I get tired, I get over-emotional.
The end.


1 comment:

  1. because you're human. and a beautiful one, at that. <3

    everyone does it. i do, you do, everyone does. and you keep doing it because you're a simple human who can't help but be so grateful to God that we can't help but see just how sinful we are. and when we see this, we feel the need to be punished. God doesn't punish - He isn't like the world - He forgives. but we don't feel worthy of forgiveness - and we're right to feel this way - but our simple human minds don't grasp the concept that we don't need to punish ourselves because God doesn't want to punish us - He wants to save us.

    you're so much like me it's a little scary babes. just.. don't keep punishing yourself. remind yourself that God forgives, He saves. never underestimate Him.

    we're hopeless humans who forget that God doesn't want to punish us, or for us to punish ourselves. i procrastinate, i get tired, i get over-emotional, and i keep doing it too. but both of us need to remember our God who saves. :) and loves. and forgives. and holds us in His arms. i love you. xx