Thursday, April 8, 2010

I saw the future out the window of a plane...

So, I've done it again, a little bit.
But its different this time, so different.
Because it is rather small and I have not let myself get carried away.
I have... focussed, on the future. Like I said to hamster, I can't see it, necessarily, but I can feel it.

I can see that there is a season for everything within it. A time for all of my different god given gifts to be used, a time to be wise and a time to be loud, a time to be behind the scenes and a time to be on stage. A time for here and a time for there, wherever there is. A time for just me, and a time for maybe a family...

So that is why I am not freaking out about it.
Because with Jesus, when nothing else matters, everything else that matters is fulfilled.

My future decided

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