Monday, February 8, 2010

I've had some learning both unwelcome and unkind...

And as the old year took a bow and joined the setting sun, it comes around again like a refrain,
And we all sing along and think of things we should have done, till one year when the new year never came

This song keeps getting stuck in my head, I dunno why. It's very pretty (dear Leish, you must get a copy of chimney's afire, basically, I should hurry up and burn you a copy.)

Today has been... Varied.
I had to bite my lip to keep from telling a certain my-subject-rules-over-all teacher (Yeah I know, that doesn't narrow it down) that he should lay off and appreciate that I tried to do it and because I was so bored exhausted I couldn't take anything in so there was no point in continuing.
And that I had to work.
And that it was my birthday party, which we will now never have to worry about again, because I won't have another for twelve months (unbirthday party anyone?[we should have a giant unbirthday party to celebrate the premier of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland]) and in twelve months I will be lazing around being happy and bored, and painting old cars and furniture and leaving them places and taking lots of photos and enjoying the fact that I got into my uni course but don't have to do any work yet.

I desperately need want to do all those crazy things we said we'd do that night when everything was fine...
Oh, and I really wanted to tell him to put his head back up his ass where he found it.
Too far?

And yeah, I'm over-reacting, I was grumpy!

But then you dudes arrived, much to my happiness, hyperactivity and regression into feeling totally like a year eleven again. But it's been worth it, to see the funny little things you do when you subconsciously still act like students.

Librarian: 'If you're sitting here you need to be quiet and be working'
Non-students with withdrawal symptoms: -nodd- 'Yep' -reach for non existent schoolbag-

I love you guys, you're awesome.
And I shall be calling you (particulary my wife shortstuff) at 3 am when I can't think straight to do my homework. And I shall do so on my hamburger phone.

:D :D :D :D :D :D

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