Monday, February 15, 2010

I'll just sit back...

So uh, I was just wondering.

Who exactly turned the world to shit while I was looking the other way?

and a random bit of story...

'So there she was, after all she'd been through. Stalking facebook groups and old email accounts for chain mail, sending them all out to everyone she knows, hoping desperately that they would come true. 'I'll be kissed on friday?' 'my true love will find me if I send this to eight billion people?' and fingers crossed, she sends them whizzing through cyber space, as she wishes on 11:11 and 12:12 and 1:01, hoping with all she had left that something, anything would change.'


  1. louise, why does everything turn to shit? why? i look away for one second and suddenly normal has fallen apart. and then it happens again and again and again.

    very nice writing btw..

  2. Lauren, I do not know why. Ok, so I kind of do. You see there are these horrible creatures out there in the world, taking it over and nibbling away at it til there is none of it left, and although there is something beautiful and clean inside them, billions of these things ignore that, and lead yet more billions to ignore theirs too, and though they are extra good at recognising the wrong when it is done them, they refuse to see what they do.
    From memory they are called 'Humans'.
    And often they are truly terrible to be around.

    and thanks :)

  3. i've been asking myself the exact same thing louise.

  4. People like me are what make the world a bad place. Good people who do bad things and do nothing to redeem themselves. I'm sorry.



    I'm a very guilty person.

    Lauren: Whatever you touch turns beautiful. So don't you worry about that.

    Louise: You say such profound things! You should be a blogger! ... Oh, wait...

    Love choo!

  5. Serena, you do NOT make the world a bad place!
    And thanks lol, I totally am a blogger, what a coincidence!

    Love you more :)

  6. this makes me sad... and the world is shit.