Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I could breathe a little more than I would realise

I have found a song that seems to fit with this year really well.
It was playing in my headphones as Leisha, Lauren and I were reflecting on the beauty of public shamelessness, or at least singing and dancing like losers. We were wondering why we didn't catch on earlier, but thats not what this post is about...

You can call me crazy, you can call me what you will
You can take the bitter pill if it helps you sleep at night

To me that means that you can be bitter and judgemental and pissy if you want, if it helps you feel better, but it makes no difference to me. Unfortunately I do not think this is true for me, I care too much about the opinions of others, but I want it to be true.

It's a long, long way my crooked friend
It's a long long way back home
So close, yet we've come so far
So close, still we've got so far

For me this is about life, specifically year twelve, school.
It's a long way to the finish, but we truly have come so far, in our education, our knowledge, our relationships, ourselves. It's a pretty cool thought really, but will be cooler at the end of this year lol.

I can safely say we feel as safe as we like,

For some reason this seems to me to be about the level of control we have over our emotions and our responses to stress, to the world. This year is as good as we make it.
Lest we forget those who died, I never will

Now I know you guys who graduated in '09 aren't exactly dead, but I think this line is about you, I'll never forget you, and I miss you all the time (I keep expecting you to walk into the common room and either sit on me or kick us out, or both).

Such a perfect Island, tucked away in the sea,
A real land of the free, do you hear me?

For me I think this is actually about Australia itself, but to a certain extent, the freedom we are constantly aiming and reaching for, and that we kind of already have, or pieces of it.

It's a long, long way my crooked friend, 
Such a long long way back home

So close, but we've come so far

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  1. hey hon. i tried commenting at school but it blocked me from the comment form so i couldnt. and now i dont remember what i was going to say...

    good one leish. something about how public shamelessness is fun i think. but i dont know. lol.

    love choooo