Wednesday, December 31, 2008

pirates of the carribean at years end

Heh, I like my title.

Yay for ummm 'drawing inspiration from other artists'.

:) Plagerism is my friend.

Lol, not really, although they do say the imitation is the highest form of flattery. So Eddings and Tolkien should feel very flattered by young chris paolini...hmmmm....

So here I am. Watching some new years video hits crap that is currently playing electric feel, could be worse. They played dance floor anthem before.

What if I want to be in love?

I don't think I do though, but I know that lots of people do.

So yes, here I am at 11:15 with 3/4s of an hour of the year left.


Very, very sad and pathetic of me, but I'm bored shitless. Because my friends are lazy if I don't organise them and so I'm home, with my parents and my parents friends and my sister and my sisters friends. Yay...

Thats ok, my sisters friends are pretty cool, they are nerdy, but they are genuine and I think Ali would do well to hold onto them. They're sweet and honest and kind. And they like doctor who, which never hurts :)

I'm sure I had something deep and meaningful to say, but I can't think of it now...

It has been a humungous year, both in the worlds world and in mine.


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