Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm alone

I won't lie, I wanted you to ask how I was today, so that I could say bad.
Although I said to him 'You're lucky I'm ok with all of this, or that comment would really have hurt me', I realised soon after that I had lied, and it just straight out hurt my feelings. That sounds sort of half-assed and lame, but heart-broken is too much, so oh well.

You went to punch me in the arm and said 'hang on if your ovaries don't work, are you still a woman? does that mean I can hit you?'

Needless to say, I was shocked. For those who don't know, I have polycystic ovaries syndrome, its pretty common, i have it pretty easy and i'm generally ok with it, go google it if you want.

Although I know that of course I am still a woman, and the fact that I will probably have to use IVF to have my own children doesn't jeapordise my feminity, it still hurt. And although I know full well the answer to the question is ' how dare you say that to me, of course I am still a woman and i will punch you back harder anyway', I have to admit, the question still stings.

And yeah, I wanted you to notice that I wasn't smiling, but I guess I am too good at faking my way through, chances are I told you I was OK without even noticing I did it. Besides, right now you are a whole different kettle of distant fish...


  1. Honey! No matter what, you gotta stand up for yourself, no more faking it, let him have the full force of your feelings, beat him up.

    Can I ask how you are, lovely? Please be better than ohk, also we should catch up soon, I don't like being bored at home not spending time with you (and everyone else)

  2. I actually have that syndrome as well, though mine's only a mild case and the doctor says it should get better soon.....I didn't know that about you though...:(

    <3 -hugs-

  3. Haha, I will beat him up next time, I promise. Besides, I have it on good authority that he feels really bad about it.

    And yeah, I'm good. yes, we should! we should get coffee or something, or i should organise a night to watch AVPS... /strokes metaphorical beard

    wow, i didn't know that! its funny how easily I forget to tell people this things, it just becomes part of life, you know?

    love you both <3 <3 <3

  4. I remember you telling me once... doesn't change anything much about you in my eyes, you're still a woman and an awesome friend. ♥

    I like this idea of AVPS and coffee.