Saturday, January 8, 2011

she was drinking tea in the garden

So I decided it was about time I put a post up again, and push out that horrible angsty one that's there right now haha. So...
So I don't know, I'm trying to find a way to pin down a single one of the squillion things swirling about in my brain right now.

As much as I'd like to write about the things that are happening around me, they are not mine to write about. I'm concerned about them, certainly, and deeply, but I know I can't properly understand what the people around me are going through, because I'm not in their respective positions.

So, I'm gonna talk about the future.

It's just occurred to me that its, you know, real. And headed towards us.
Not just university, although that's exciting and terrifying enough all by itself, but that, realistically, is only 4 years. And for the exact purpose of going out and living a real life. We're no longer aiming for courses, we're aiming for professions, lifestyles. Reality. (ok, so we haven't got Uni offers yet, and we are still technically aiming for courses, but my point still stands)

I dunno, really. I guess it just hit me that 'the future, it's here, it's bright, it's now...'

And as for you, you still make me angry. I would still talk to you if I were to see you in person, and I want good things for you, and all the usual cliched 'i forgive you but i still don't like to be around you' things. (And, on a side note, I know that it isn't up to me to forgive you or not)
But this whole thing that you keep repeating on your tumblr, about not knowing what life is really like until school is over... I have to put my two cents out there.

I might be being naiive, and I suspect this is the case, but I've had and quit two jobs, planned, funded and helped lead a four week overseas trip without my parents, I've had my heart broken, I've made mistakes, I've had my very identity questioned and I have answered.
I've had friends and lost friends and made new ones, said stupid things, hurt people and tried to make it better, swallowed my pride when I didn't think I was wrong.
I've given so much of myself at times that I can't function, loved people so deeply and worried so intensely that I can't sleep or think straight.
I've been so scared I cannot breathe.
I've been lucky enough to count people as family who aren't, I've had a ridiculously blessed life, I know this.
But I've cried so hard I feel like I'll explode, I've laughed so hard I've cried, I've loved, I've lost, I believe I've lived.
There is much, much more of life to come, I know that.

But I can't believe that the last 17 years have been nothing, and despite still being a child, fresh out of highschool, still living at home and out of my parents wallet, I will not be patronised.


  1. well said. my sentiments exactly.

  2. It's not because you haven't experienced enough in your life, it's that school has always been a security, and life after that is so different. Unless you are stubborn and deny it, you will understand and accept how different life is beyond high school. It's not patronizing, it's just the growth of life and the actual truth that the younger you are the less life you have lived and therefore the less experience you have. Especially in regards to being on your own and set free. You'll get it someday, and you'll laugh at yourself for thinking what you think right now, as we all do. Honestly, i read everything you said and thought, that would be so much worse if you weren't in highschool, and I know that for fact.