Monday, October 25, 2010

Unfold me...

So, I am still pretty worried about You, but I am determined to blog about something other than that...

I am realising, slowly but surely, that the end of year twelve means the end of all of it. It means the end of seeing each other, and in all honesty, it probably means the end of a lot of friendships.

Sadly, I have actually got lists of people, in categories of
'if I lose these people I will die'
'definitely try to keep in touch with'
'I'd love to, but sadly its unlikely'
'maybe, but probably not'
'swap professional details in a supermarket aisle in ten years'  and
'no. just no.'

And I have to say, there is a serious bell-effect going on there. Lots in the middle, few at either end.
The few at the top end, I am sorry, but you are not escaping me.

  Wild horses couldn't drag me away

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  1. and then one day, in the middle of your first year, you realize that the only reason you know what is going on in other people's ('I'd love to, but sadly its unlikely' as you put it) lives is because you have Facebook.