Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I know its mad, but if I...

A thing to remember...
random hilarious voice messages of the two of you roaring along with plush tigers

'how does that work?' 'its magic sweety'

'you were meant to turn there!' 'what??' ' I said go straight!' 'I did go straight!' 'No, you veered right!' 'What the hell? In direction speak that is straight!' 'no its not!' 'Yes! It is!' 'No!! It's not!!' 'Hey, do you drive??' '' 'SO SHUT UP!!!'
(my favourite things about this are a) we won and b) the last three retorts from my side were double tracked with my best girl ;] )

and also, a random bit of prosetry that I thought of...

'my tongue is covered with the bite marks that spell out all the things I should have said'

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