Thursday, May 28, 2009

marvelling and passing time

ive been staring at the sky tonight, wondering what to do with daylight

until I can get myself together again.
I just feel so.....
Dried up and sleepy.
I need to have a day, or a week, of non-production.

I'm always producing things.
Always DOING. It's like I'm always giving my energy and time away, always giving.
I don't want that to sound like 'oooh, Im so generous!'
I don't mean like, money to charity or stuff like that.

But I'm always doing something. I'm either at school, trying to concentrate and get through my workload without dying of sleepiness, at one of my two current workplaces or trying to balance them, or at choir or at youth or at netball or somewhere.
And If I'm at home, I'm trying to get assignments done, or just trying to make myself get assignments done, or just rushing between two of the above.

I need a day off, a proper day off. Not just from school and from work, but from doing.

On a different note, I had a weird thought the other day.
When you're meeting a new person, do you say 'Hi, I'm Bob' or 'Hi, my names Bob'.

For some reason I feel like theres a difference between 'This is who I am' and 'This is what they call me'. I'm not quite sure what you could actually read into either of them, but still.

I just thought that was weird.
<3glitter>JAMES IS GAY!

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