Friday, November 5, 2010

I can't get no...

Alternative title : dear church,

We sing 'God be the Solution', and about healing broken hearts, breaking chains and though I believe that a faith community has the power and potential to do that, and I certainly believe it of God, these days I believe it less and less of the church. As the days roll by, I do my best, but I cannot overrun this restless dissatisfaction.

If it wasn't for the fact that I am determined to make a change, I think I would just leave. If it weren't for the the people, I would just leave.

Can the church ever do what we promise to? can religion ever actually work?

am I doomed to spend my entire life pouring myself into something I don't entirely believe in? Trying desperately to make it work?

will it ever?


  1. Read my most recent post, then go to Just a suggestion, but you might want to make a change that way

  2. that is indeed a cool idea, and a very good point. thanks :)

  3. most churches are full of shit, by which i mean no offence. but they are. they're one of the main things that's kinda.. put me off christianity, i spose.

    the best way to show god's love, in my humble opinion, is by doing 'good deeds', not by singing about breaking chains.

    that sounds like it's a personal attack on you. :/ which it's not! while you may sing about breaking chains, i know that you genuinely believe it and try your hardest to act it out. it's others, myself included, who suck.