Friday, April 3, 2009

all the words i had escaped

she's gone....
part of me didn't want her to come at all.
Didn't want the hassle, the constant explanations, trying to find small enough simple enough words for her to understand what we're talking about.
Having to be doing things all the time, to show her this city that I love so much...

But now...

now all of me wishes she didn't have to leave.

She is such a beautiful person, such a great sense of humor and a beautiful smile.
And great english too.


i find it more than a little interesting that we are sitting here in the library pouring out our brains, leaking the bits of our hearts we're sick of carrying onto the world wide web. dripping it away with tap-tap-tap of a keyboard.
get it out, get it rid of, as much as you can so you don't have to carry it.
But sometimes you just spill it on yourself, or others spill it on you, scalding hot pain.

here we are, pretending we've got a private place in a public space.
well, two public spaces actually.

and yet, its privacy enough.
because although everyone can hear the drip-drip-drip, tap-tap-tap...

no-one can see what the drips spell out, no-one can pour it back onto us until we let them


  1. 'no-one can see what the drips spell out'

    That is, until they read the blog...?

  2. =] our own private space in a public place? the way i figure it its not that private... its just a chance for people to get the tiniest glimpse of what we hide.

  3. lol
    i avoid blogging at school, lest the stupid IT guys find it
    but LOL at the thing of liking to be private and pouring our hearts out on the internet, GOTTA LOVE IT

    hope your having a great time being blue